Graham Sharum

Senior Project Designer | Senior Associate

With a total of 19 years of Architectural design experience, Graham has had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects of various scales ranging from 500 Sf to 500,000 Sf. As a LEED AP, he also brings a working knowledge of what it means to design an environmentally friendly building that is sympathetic to the surrounding built environment. He feels that the true success of a project is determined by how the details have been designed and crafted to work in harmony with the rest of the details, how they protect the safety and well being of its users and ensure the overall durability of the completed project. Having been appointed to the Fort Smith Historic District Commission back in 2003, he has since acquired an appreciation for the significance of our existing built environment and why it makes sense to protect our historic resources wherever possible. Considering the limited amount of resources that we are faced with every day, we need to find ways to preserve and either restore or rehabilitate those resources for posterity. Doing so also reduces the amount of resources that get deferred into the landfills and are not recycled, making our environment more sustainable for generations to come. As a child, Graham built dozens of scaled model military aircrafts of all types and had dozens of books on the different types. Had he been given the opportunity, he would have loved to have become a real fighter pilot.

Graham is happily married to his wife of 5 years, Susie Sharum.

AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Chair of Fort Smith Historic District Commission, Adjunct Professor - University of Arkansas Fort Smith