Kendra Cox

Interior Designer

Kendra finds that her design aesthetic is strongly influenced by her love for colors, patterns and texture. She has always been attracted to the fine arts which is where she draws inspiration from in her designs. Understanding that different colors create their own unique mood, her sensitivity to color and creativity led her to start noticing how different spaces made her feel. She finds stimulation in being outdoors, in nature. From the bluffs of the Arkansas Ozarks and out to the Pacific coast of Oregon, nothing brings her more joy than to be surrounded by the raw color of nature. Kendra earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Central Arkansas with a minor in Studio Art. In addition to her love of Interior Design, Kendra enjoys traveling. Perhaps her most influential journey has been to Florianopolis, Brazil where the bright colors and the unique Brazilian culture sparked a deep desire to find the value and beauty in different cultures that impacts the world in which we design.

Kendra also maintains the firm’s social media presence.