Ralph “Ret” E. Taylor IV


“Do. Or Do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Ret has a passion for designing the space that one inhabits. He considers himself a problem solver, which is the most underrated skill designers need. He was taught that design is an irritative process. Repetitions by hand can reveal the unknown and if all else fails, be subtractive. Finding the right answer may be complicated and difficult to obtain, but these rules are paramount to finding success. His humility in design and his open mindedness has created a great leader for the Childers team. Humorous, passionate, driven, and competitive are just a few ways we describe Ret. Having a drink and a laugh with family and friends, raising his two girls, watching Phish, and rooting for the Razorbacks is how he enjoys his time outside of work. He is the 4th Ralph Edward Taylor in his family.