Shane Boren

Senior Project Manager / Healthcare Planner / Principal

Shane is a licensed Architect with 13 years of experience. His primary area of service is to our Healthcare sector and serves as both a Senior Project Manager and Senior Healthcare Planner for Childers Architect.

His passion is to support clients in their effort to improve their healthcare system and environments in which they deliver care. His focus is assisting clients in defining their vision and applying their goals and objectives through a collaborative design process. In application, this service includes facilitating visioning sessions and staff/end-user discussions related to services provided while defining priorities related to desired areas of growth. He assists the system in determining how that translates into current and future spatial requirements.

His support, in implementing that vision, includes space program development, conceptual site plan development, departmental adjacency studies and initial floor plan development. His expertise includes analyzing operations of departmental services, assisting the client in optimizing those operations through the implementation of change based on operational goals and priorities and developing site and facility plans that support those goals and priorities. In addition, he assists in developing project schedules and budgets which the clients use as the basis for their strategic planning efforts.

Shane, along with the design teams he manages, brings extensive healthcare planning knowledge to each project encouraging his clients to consider research which will ultimately inform, and drive better project metrics through thoughtful design considerations.

An example of how he and his team assisted in improving staff efficiency and achieving important point of care goals for a system includes a metrics-based effort, studying a systems past primary care clinic layouts and developing a series of metrics used to measure those layouts and compare performance from one to another. The resulting metrics demonstrated that the systems new goals and operational priorities were not supported. We were then charged with developing a new “pod” concept. This new pod which was developed reduces walking distances for nurses and doctors substantially. The new concept provides an open work area for the care team encouraging collaboration while providing the team direct view of the exam rooms. All of these attributes were goals of the system which were met with the implementation of the new primary care pod design.

One of the exciting aspects of Shane’s work is that much of it is focused on working with Tribal Health Systems; each with its own operational challenges but also each has a unique cultural component that affects not only the aesthetic aspects of design but also those cultural characteristics inform functional requirements as well. The joy and continued passion for what Shane does is fueled by this diversity of culture and continued learning process.

Shane was an Arthur N. Tuttle Fellowship recipient for the 2005-2006 academic year and has the following publishing credit as a contributing author: Shraiky, J., Boren, S., & Patterson, M. (2012). Anthropology of Architecture: Designing for Culture in Tribal Communities. Journal of Healthcare, Science and the Humanities, 2(1), 131-144.

Shane has an undergraduate degree from Northeastern State University (Talhequah, Oklahoma) and a Master of Architecture from Texas A and M University (College Station, Texas).

He is married to his wife of 24 years, Dr. Laura Boren. They have two children Cooper and Hunter Elizabeth.