Cherokee Nation Vinita Health Center

In 2001, Cherokee Nation’s Long Range Plan for Health determined that all Cherokee Nation Citizens within their jurisdiction should have access to care within thirty miles. Since that time the Cherokee Nation has embarked on a building campaign in order to meet that goal. In 2010 the Cherokee Nation proceeded with plans for a 100,000 square foot outpatient clinic in order to expand services offered to patients in the region and to continue to strive to meet the goals of the 2001 long range plan.

The design of the Vinita clinic incorporates the Cherokee history and culture, but it also includes elements from the community of Vinita and its ties to the railroads. Included in the design is a large community space which allows community gatherings that would otherwise not take place.

Services offered at the clinic include Primary Care, Dental, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Health, Imaging and Eye Care.