Chickasaw Nation Ardmore Health Clinic

The Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma Ardmore Health Clinic is a 72,000 square foot healthcare center designed for the Chickasaw Nation. “The use of materials and forms to create an open welcoming public environment, contrasted by the sheltering, protective clinical spaces within are two important components of the exterior composition. The exterior begins to tell a story of a sophisticated inter-relational government committed to the success, health and welfare of their people. This is accomplished through relating the architecture to the strong cultural identity so important to the Chickasaw people. The columns are a mixed system of steel framing and heavy timbers. The integration of these systems begins the dialogue between traditions of the past and utilization of technologies of modern culture.

In addition to the contrasting massiveness of the clinic space and open and lightness of the public spaces there is a third element referencing the Chickasaw culture through the use of layered materials. This application of materials is a direct reference to the values of the Chickasaw people and how those values layered correctly create the unique fabric of the Chickasaw people. In addition, it is a reference to the connection / partnership the Chickasaw’s have with their natural surroundings. Finally, it is an acknowledgement of how the Chickasaw people of today are connected to their past and how that connection is manifested today in everything they do.”

Total construction cost was $19,900,000. Patient services include Primary Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Information Management, Pharmacy, Education and Group Consultation, Public and Facilities Services, Behavioral Health and Physical Therapy. The design of this facility incorporates Chickasaw heritage throughout the exterior and interior of the building.