Breck Childers, AIA

CEO | President | Owner

Continuing his family owned business, Breck brings a drive and dedication to make Childers Architect the best place to work for his employees while providing meaningful architecture to his clients. At an early age, he learned to never give up on his goals and always do what you say you are going to do. These skills have served him well in the Architecture Profession, helping to work through tough project deadlines and earning the trust of repeat Clients. Breck tries to be passionate about everything that he does. “Without passion there is a lack of meaning.” He usually picks up a guitar first thing after work to help clear his mind from a hard day’s work. He is the proud dad of two wonderful young boys Vann and Hayes who take up most of his time after work but he wouldn’t change it for the world! Fun Fact: Breck was born on Friday the 13th and John Childers was the first man hung at Judge Parkers Court here in Fort Smith. Yes, Breck’s first name is John.