To work at Childers is to believe in the significance of design to make the everyday experience better and more inspired. There is much that distinguishes us, but our greatest strength is our team. Each member of our design team brings a unique point of view and the best talent within their discipline to the project. Our design process integrates individual team member’s perspectives and experiences which leads to more cohesive, innovative and thoughtful solutions to meet the unique challenges of each project. What makes us different is that our studio thrives on employee contributions to produce a collaborative and creative working environment.

Why Childers Architect?


Internships in our office provide unique hands on experience in real projects, working side by side with our design team and clients. Childers takes more of a hands-on approach when it comes to young talent working as a part of our design team. What sets Childers apart is that we listen and incorporate their ideas to create the best architecture we can. Working as a part of the Childers team is a great way to gain experience and make lasting connections. Childers is full of mentors always eager to share knowledge!

Why Childers Architect?

Childers supports the continued development of its people. The better you are, the better we are. The Childers philosophy between work and life balance is an important and valued part of our culture. We are committed to the well-being of our team.


We care about our people. Childers offers a wide range of benefits for our employees and their families. Our benefits include time off, flexible work hours, healthcare, 401K, maternity and paternity leave and more.


Our main office is located downtown Fort Smith, AR. We are located next to various amenities:


Childers believes in encouraging a healthy life style.



Childers Architect is passionate about more then just great design. We engage in the interest of our people. We take pride in creating a healthy work environment and team.


Childers is committed to creating positive changes within the community. Some of our most important work happens outside of the office.