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The significance of architecture is to create memorable experiences that people can feel. When someone walks into a building there is a certain emotion. As an architecture firm, we have the power to create that feeling. If the feeling is strong enough, it becomes a memory. We create memories. The heart of what we strive to accomplish in our practice of architecture is creating meaningful spaces.

Architecture is also about solving problems. When a client comes to us with a problem, as architects, we solve it. One thing that make us unique is that we listen attentively to our clients. We spend time with them and ask the right questions to learn about what they want. Truly understanding clients' wants, needs, visions and goals can be challengeing. But listening is what we do, and we do it well. Once we understand clients' wants, needs, visions and goals, our role as architects is very simple. We know how to make buildings. That is also what we do well.

Childers Architect has over 30 years of experience creating distinctively beautiful yet functional works of architecture. We are a 100% Native American owned and certified business. We pride ourselves in creating spaces for the American Indian communities within the surrounding regions that inspire.

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From giving back to the community, riding bikes on the River Front during lunch or cooking an office meal together, Childers Architect is passionate about more than just great design. We engage in the interests of our people and the communities in which we live and work. We take pride in creating a healthy work environment and team.


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