Stanley Schimke

Office Director | Senior Healthcare Planner | Principal

Stanley brings over 35 years of experience in healthcare project management and medical planning of acute care, outpatient care and active lifestyle facilities as well as insight into how advances and innovations are transforming the future of healthcare. He applies expertise and a hands-on approach across a broad range of project sizes and complexities. Stanley actively mentors staff and works closely with clients to identify new opportunities, anticipating future needs and staying on the cutting edge of patient and resident care.

Stanley’s father was a commercial and residential general contractor and grew up with scales and T-squares around the house. At a young age he worked on construction sites with his father, brother, and uncle. He had a gift for drawing and in high school, was determined to apply his drawing skills. He took an architecture class and discovered that he was one of only a few students who knew what T-squares and scales were. With this edge, he realized that his drawing abilities could be used to communicate through the built environment. Years later, as a healthcare medical planner/designer, creating stress-relieving spaces for caregivers has delivered a new sense of meaning for Stanley and his career. His primary goal is to collaborate with local healthcare providers to plan for their community needs, listen to client expectations to keep facilities operationally efficient, flexible, safe and create environments that inspire patients to heal and staff to perform their best.