Tim Duffy

Project Manager | Senior Project Architect

Every day I come to work with a mission: to create special places. From the livability of a family’s home to the flexibility of an interior workspace to the identity created by a town square, I put passion and energy into creating places that will make a difference in people’s lives. Each project is an opportunity to improve, complement and, in some cases, complete the fabric of the surrounding environment with sustainable creative design solutions that support and enhance the quality of life. My skills include pencil sketching, watercolor painting, computer drafting, computer graphics and system developments. I create architecture by listening to clients and drawing what I see that the client has dreamed of for the project. I take time to listen to clients. I then use my skill set to graphically present their ideas, getting ahead of potential problems. I provide tools to help avoid conflicts that can arise in this process. I also like to help people find their calling and make that their passion.