Epley Center for Health Professions

The University of Arkansas’s planning group identified a need for a facility to accommodate and expand the existing School of Nursing and the Speech and Hearing Clinic. The original program of requirements included remodeling 20,000 square feet of existing space at the old health center.

During the pre-design phase it was discovered that this was drastically undersized and ultimately the program was expanded to 40,000 square feet. The existing health center was repurposed and a 20,000 square foot addition added to the east.

The facility spine dissects the building into two distinct parts. One half of the bottom floor accommodates classrooms for the nursing students while the other half accommodates the Speech and Hearing Clinic. The second floor accommodates high fidelity labs as well as faculty offices.

This facility was designed to meet LEED Silver performance standards. Design was completed in seven months and construction in twelve. Smithgroup was a consultant on this project.