Dilkon Health Center

The new 150,000+ SF Rural Health Center in Dilkon, Arizona will serve the surrounding Navajo Nation population.

The Regional Health Center consist of 39 departments and 620 rooms. The facility includes emergency and diagnostic services as well as provisions for short stay, low acuity in-patients. A full range of pharmacy and laboratory services will be on site. It will house the local offices for the Navajo Nation and Winslow Indian Health Services including programs such as diabetes prevention and treatment, health education, breast and cervical cancer program, behavioral health, home and public health nursing. The new regional health center will serve as a focal point in the community with numerous outreach programs and provide meeting space along with a well-equipped exercise/activity area.

The Medical Equipment Program was developed over a series of meetings with the clinical and support leadership. The equipment was selected for each area based on the healthcare needs of the population, the facility it will serve, as well as the Indian Health Services Program of Requirements. We discussed and observed each department’s operational procedures and processes to ensure the proper fit and function of each piece of equipment. We worked closely with the physicians and staff as well as the Architects from HKS and Childers along other consultants to carefully select each make and model, keeping in mind the current equipment manufacturers at the Winslow Health Center. This will allow the easy sharing of resources and staff between each center and minimize training cost.