Childers Architects Fort Smith Office

A collaborative workspace is designed to suit the needs of the creative community of Childers Architect. Given its location in a former shirt manufacturing facility, the firm embraces the original raw charm of the building by expressing the existing ceiling structure, retaining the imperfections of the existing plaster walls and exposing all ducts.

Childers Architect is a 2-story building. The overall layout of the second floor consists of open office spaces offset with two glassed in conference rooms and a comfortable seating area that greets guests as they wait to meet or present. There is a grand workroom equipped with all the tools and supplies needed for creating colorboards, printing and mounting renderings and more. There is a breakroom that includes lockers for each employee, an espresso machine, a gas range, pots and pans, fresh fruit, cliff bars and so much more is provided.

The first floor contains a fully equipped gym with a trainer on staff, storage for the Interiors Team to store samples, a random archery target for those employees who need to exercise their creative mind in a new way, a ping pong table for the more competitive and the original freight elevator that connects both floors. Don't forget about the bike racks for those who ride at the River Front or the Bike and Skate Park which are located minutes from the office.

When you come through the beautiful front doors, you walk into a fresh open atmosphere. There is a beautiful conference room downstairs filled with daylight coming through the original windows. A large custom wooden table is surrounded by comfortable Herman Miller chairs with a butler's pantry off to the side full of whatever our clients will need to enjoy their visit at Childers Architect.